Light Fixing Services Dubai-Abu Dhabi 0544445608

Light fixing services in dubai abu dhabi 0509158882 is the umbrella under we fall in as malik aziz events and rental services.we are taking care of all the electric lights fixing weather its decore or normal house lights like led for indoor or outdoor and automatic on and off with timers.Fairy lights fixing services are very friendly environments and easy to use and fix.

In summer weather when sunshine we have special solor control system which run with its timers as installed in the units.we have team of professional who are qualified engineers which work around the clock.

Even we can provide backup services if clients ask for long term maintenance contracts 24/7.its totally depend on different area and size of project which is required to cover area of service.some houses are huge and has many electric circuits where many circuit breaker are involved to complete cycles of currents varies from one point to other.

event decorators dubai has a numbers of different fairy lights which is used for house or venue decore as per requirements.